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At Always Just For Fun Entertainment, we offer hundreds of popular children’s party characters. Our one-hour show choices include: Interactive games with fun music, magic show,  face painting or balloon twisting, sing “Happy Birthday”, posing for fun pictures and more!

Paw Patrol Puppy

Our Service Area Includes:

San Gabriel Valley and MOST/PARTS: Orange County, Inland Empire and Riverside County  (some characters are limited to certain service areas)

Mal of the Descendents

These characters are available for: All of San Gabriel Valley, MOST/PARTS of: Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Inland Empire (some characters are limited to certain service areas)

These characters are available ONLY for Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley.

Popular Children's Party Entertainment

Can you imagine the look on your child’s face when one of our characters makes their grand appearance? All of our actors are enthusiastic and trained to stay in character throughout the performance.  As they make their entrance, there is a special greet and meet time when the kids get to actually connect with their favorite hero.

Favorite Cartoon and Mascot Characters

 Children love shows and cartoons, so it is no surprise that our character-themed parties are so popular. Along with our princesses and superheroes, we offer a vast array of other children’s party characters that are ready to make an appearance at your child’s birthday party, creating one of the best experiences of their young life.

Happiness is seeing your child smile on their special day

Ninja Turtle Being Hugged